Sunday, December 12, 2010


Even though we've been married for six years, J. and I still celebrate our dating anniversary.  We dated for almost 10 years before getting married, so it still feels like a day worth celebrating.  We went out for a steak dinner and I brought this great book I found recently, called "If...(Questions for the Game of Life)".  It's a book of questions that provoke interesting conversation, which sadly is in very short supply (in general, not between us specifically).

One of the questions was "If you could be one article of clothing, what would you be, and who would you want to belong to?"  Maybe Charles and Camilla were reading this book when the infamous tampon comment was made, not that I consider feminine hygiene products to be clothing per se.

So the question is: "If you could "unknow" one thing you know, what would it be?"  For me it was the horror of slowly realizing that magic doesn't exist.  I was a very imaginative child and for a long time really believed that I went somewhere else in my (lucid) dreams.  Some of the joy of life slipped away forever when I discovered The Princess Bride was a satire and The Neverending Story was just a movie.


  1. Well, if it ain't clothing, then it is definitely an accessory.

    And I'm truly sorry for your loss of magic. Maybe you'll find it again.

    Hopped over from FTLOB comment sunday.

  2. I think I would want to be a sweatshirt in the winter and bathing suit in the summer. I could keep someone warm and cozy in the winter and leave them feeling cool and beautiful in the summer. I would want to belong to someone that keeps stuff forever!
    My philosophy about magic is, if you still want to believe, you should. Once you have kids, you remember all those joys and see it through their eyes. My mom once told me, once you stop believing in Santa, you no longer get presents. So I still believe! :) I hope you have a great week! ♥ BJ

  3. Comin at cha with some comment love from FTLOB!

    I would be a pair of flip ones! Maybe with some cute lil bling on them.

    The one thing I would choose to not know is: My dad had major issues with pornography when I was growing up. For many years it felt like my childhood was a fake because of this information. It took a long time to realize that he was a good (enough) dad even though I was oblivious to the addiction.


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