Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm a chartered accountant and I love it.  There's no better profession for a cautious, neurotic control freak who likes to eat her smarties symmetrically by colour.  But I started life as an English major and still love to read and write.  Being an accountant doesn't lend itself to stimulating conversation about philosophy or life in general; in fact, interesting people tend to run away if I mention my love for Excel spreadsheets.

So I was really excited about blogging.  Finally a chance to sound my barbaric yawp and see who hollers back!  I have to say the experience has been fantastic and sad.  I'm writing regularly again and my blog prods me to spend time reflecting about things other than the next task on my to-do list.  But...I already had a diary and I didn't need another one.  I'd hoped blogging would involve more of a dialogue, and it's a bit dull yawping to myself.  That said, I've found some great blogs that I love reading and I'll probably keep writing mine anyway.  Just feeling a little cranky tonight, I guess.


  1. Keep writing! You never know who is reading and just too shy to speak up until just the right moment!

  2. Thanks Mandee! I like writing so much that I would do it anyway, but it's a lot more fun when people write back. So I appreciate the encouragement.

  3. Keep going!
    I took a hiatus from my blogging for about two years. When I came back to it, I still don't have very many readers but I've found it a good creative outlet for myself to not only "write in my diary" but to also post pictures and things, something I don't really do with my diary because I very rarely print pictures.

    And getting involved at FTLOB will help out in your readership too.

    But I don't know about you, I'd rather have 20 readers who are actually interested in what I say than have 200 readers who are only reading yours so you will read theirs.

    Like I said, keep going! It'll all be worth it to you in the end :)

  4. Thanks for putting "follows" in perspective Mallori. You're so right - the purpose of blogging for me is to nuture my creativity and have interesting conversations along the way, not to collect statistics.

    And I really enjoyed comment love Sunday at FTLOB! Much better than the "next blog" feature on blogger.


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