Friday, February 25, 2011

High heels hurt and other revelations

Expressing any personal style at work is difficult when you're an accountant.  Would you trust someone who looked like a drag queen to properly manage millions of dollars?

This is why professional women have such an obsession with shoes.  It's our only opportunity to add some pieces of flair to our uniforms *cough* I mean suits. 

So by the time I got pregnant last year, I'd developed quite a collection of fabulous heels, which had steadily increased in height.  At 6 months pregnant, I was still strutting about in my heels like Heidi Klum, a perfect example of the modern super-yummy mummy.

In my head, that is.  In my deranged hormonal state, I blissfully ignored the fact that I didn't look like Heidi Klum before I got pregnant.  Looking back, I'm afraid adding 60 pounds to my butt and gut and then balancing those extra pounds on needle-like stilettos wasn't as cute as I thought at the time.  Fortunately (?) in my last trimester my feet rampaged completely out of control and I was forced to turn to flats, since jamming these into heels wasn't an option:

When my feet deflated enough to wear heels again, I was thrilled.  My figure might be a sad, droopy version of its former self, but at least my feet could look pretty!  I slipped my smooth, slim feet into my favourite heels and took a few steps.  But something was wrong, so wrong.  Somehow during my pregnancy, my sexily professional heels had morphed into what felt like instruments of torture.

I was able to salvage a few of my less ambitious heels, but the highest ones didn't make it.  They're resting in peace in the basement, along with my bikinis and single-letter bras.  It was a sad day when I packed up that box of my lost sex appeal, knowing it might never be opened again.  I had always promised myself I wouldn't be one of those women who "let themselves go" post-baby, but I never realized how hard it would be to hold on.  And then I look at S.'s gummy smile and cuddle her soft little body, and I know I'm holding onto all I need.


  1. As a mom of four my youngest almost 5 months, I completely understand! I am still trying to loose all this icky baby weight! Love the post, new follower here!

  2. oh my... i completely understand. i have... um had a wonderful collection of high heels before i got pregnant. luckly for you, your feet 'deflated' back to normal... mine went down, but i no long fit into my old lovely shoes. and can't wear heels like i used to.. so i'm learning to fall in love with flats :0)

    thank you for stopping by my blog.

  3. I never really understood a shoe obsession, but this makes it clear!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I actually did feel a little better after getting sick, but I had to stay at the basketball game and munch on crackers the whole time.

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. High-heels are a beautiful thing, and as my manicurist says...'beauty is pain.' Well, I don't necessarily agree with that remark in its entirety, but it is true regarding those lovely shoes. Hopefully in a few more months, you will rock them again!!!

    New follower from FTLOB comment love day. I love your writing style!

  5. Thanks everyone from FTLOB! This is my first comment love day and I've had a great time blog hopping and hearing from other bloggers.

    I got back into my gym routine pretty quickly after I had Sasha, but I've been wearing heels so long that I forgot my feet would need their own special training regimen!

  6. I think that last picture say it all, no?! I love heels...I love shopping for heels, but my feet, hate heels!! Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog today! I'm now following u! Just wanted to let u know I have a lil giveaway going on...hoping u come check it out! Have a great week:)

  7. I use to love to wear heels too then I had surgery on both feet and now flats are much more comfortable especially when I run around the hospital working all day!

  8. Hi sweetie! Love the post. I like heels but they are painful, haha! I'm visiting from Comment Love Day at FTLOB. Happy to be your new friend!


  9. YOu said it so well when you said "It was a sad day when I packed up that box of my lost sex appeal, knowing it might never be opened again"....this is so true, after children and being in a marriage of over 8 years, I sometimes wonder where I stored my pre-baby sex appeal!


    Visiting from FTLOB!


  10. I am already tall so when I put on heels I feel like the amazon woman. So I dont wear them much but when I do I pay for it in the end. Although there are some cute heels out there.

  11. The same thing happened to me too! It is so sad, I had my daughter in July, between the unbearable heat and all the walking I do for my work, my feet didn't stand a chance. The swelling went down but my feet are unfortunately wider :( but luckily I found a trick on how to expand heels, you fill one of those hillock bags with water half way stick it inside the shoe and put it in the freezer! It totally works and happy to say that I'm back to wearing them again!!

    I enjoyed your post and apologize for the long comment!

  12. I love long comments and what a great idea! I'll keep it in mind for my next baby, since I expect the sausage feet are going to return :(

  13. I gained 60 pounds with Emma and my feet looked exactly like that. I would stare at them constantly, pretty sure that those weren't my feet. When they went back to normal, about 2 weeks after giving birth, I hopped on some heels and just about died. I couldn't believe it! I used to wait tables in a super busy bar wearing stilettos and now I can't manage to wear them out to dinner?? So sad. After baby #2, which will probably be our last I'm going to look into some kind of miracle surgery that will allow me to strut my heels again. I'll let you know how that works out.

  14. I know, I couldn't believe the pain! Did they always hurt like that and I had just developed an mental block against the pain? Or do pregnancy hormones permanently mess up your feet? It's a mystery.


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