Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hopping around

I've been hopping around For the Love of Blogs' Comment Love Sunday and thinking about how much I enjoy link-ups.  But I come across them on such a random basis, and lots of times they're already over.  So I thought I'd ask anyone stopping by - what are your favourite link-ups/blog hops?

My favourite is Comment Love Sunday at FTLOB, because (duh) I love comments - both giving and receiving.  The whole reason I started blogging was the opportunity for this type of interaction.

I'm also looking forward to joining SweetBef's Flashback Friday

and I may borrow Rebecca's fun idea for a Throwback Thursday - check hers out:

Looking forward to hearing your recommendations!


  1. LOL girl you are too cute!!!! Go ahead with your bad self and show us what jams you loved from way back in the day! :)

  2. Ok so I was already loving your blog and then you posted on the side that Dawn Treader was a pale imitation of the book and boy do I AGREE!! I was sooo disappointed in it. I actually cried from the butchering it took (just cuz I love the books so much) but now I must foloow you forever ;)

  3. Comments ARE awesome! My only complaint about FTLOB is that I am being exposed to way too much greatness which increases my online reading time exponentially. That means, less TV and less book reading. Oh yeah, and more ignoring the kid. But hey, I'm finding so many new great blogs!

  4. I actually stopped by from FTLOB, but from wandering weekend. Even though, I will still leave you some comment love. Gotta love anyone from Canada, I am married to a Canadian. Hope you are having a good end to the weekend and I am glad I stopped by!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love Comment Love Day too :) My other favorite hop is Weekend Wanderer because I usually have more time and am more relaxed on Saturday mornings and can discover new blogs at my leisure while drinking a cup of tea :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. Thanks for stopping by earlier and commenting! I do like FTLOB because they seem to have something for everyone.

    Another blog hop that i really like is Mingle Monday at Life of Meg :

  7. I love What I'm loving Wednesday with Jamie. I can't remember her link right now, but if you google it you'll find it. it's something that you write a post about what you're loving and then you link up. It's great.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. I wanted to tell you you're set to no-reply, so I couldn't email you back, but I did want to say I had no idea there were no targets in canada! Is there a store that would be similar? They're wonderful! They're like an upscale walmart...and I think target would be offended if it could hear me say that!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  8. Liking your site a lot. Can't wait to come back and read more!

  9. Glad to hear from so many new readers!

    @The Mills - I've been disappointed in the whole Narnia series - the casting was off for me. I guess it's really hard for a movie to live up to such well-loved books. The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are the only ones I can think of that have pulled it off.

    @Kari - I know, my blogroll is multiplying every time I log onto my PC. So many great writers out there.

    @TexaGermaNadian - lol I had to type your name three times before I got it right! Thanks for visiting.

    @Tanya - Welcome!

    @KT - I've just started doing weekend wander too - I love FTLOB.

    @TriGirl - Thanks for the suggestion - I joined Mingle Monday and enjoyed it.

    @Meghan - I'll try Wednesdays with Jamie tomorrow. Thanks for the tip! I think the most similar to Target would be Zellers or H&M? Target just bought out Zellers so we'll see.

    @Ross - Thanks for joining!


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