Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Outer Child

Hey, it's almost Wednesday.  That counts, right?

When I was making my Christmas list, I found this awesome website called Perpetual Kid (http://www.perpetualkid.com/), whose slogan is "Entertain Your Inner Kid".  I was so disappointed when I discovered they don't ship to Canada, and I still check the site for an international shipping option.  No luck yet, but here's my wishlist:

1)   Everybody was kung fu fighting hi-ya!!    Ninja cookies in the house!

2)   I found this in the Home and Office section -it's a desk fan.  Maybe if you work at Playboy?

3)   This Pac-Man oven mitt is so fun I almost want to cook just to use it.  Almost.

4)   This would probably stop your co-workers from stealing your lunch and eating it.  The thing is, they  might just throw it out instead.

5)   I love this mixed-tape change purse so much I could cry. 

6)   OK, I don't actually want this one.  I'm not sure why anyone would want their dish towel hanging out of a cat's bum.

My inner kid's pretty close to the surface and I love this stuff.  Boo for States-only shipping!

*Update* - the number one thing I'm loving this Wednesday is Jamie's "What I'm Loving This Wednesday" link-up.  Grab her button above and join in!


  1. I feel your pain, but live in US in the summer. Ship it to me and I will ship to you in Canada!


  2. I get my Step-Father something from this website every-single Christmas. Which is funny and pathetic all at the same time. They do have some pretty awesome loot on there!

  3. @Hockey Wife - I just might take you up on that! The site keeps saying international shipping is coming, so I haven't given up hope yet.

    @Rachel - Haha I didn't think of it until you mentioned this, but my father-in-law would LOVE the stuff from that site. He's a 12-year old boy at heart - and apparently I am too.

  4. ixy! the ninja cookie cutters are also available from thinkgeek.com and they ship outside the US! http://tinyurl.com/68lf2vp

  5. Thanks Kari! I checked out that website and it is hilarious...the technology haiku on the home page was particularly bizarre.


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