Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shopping gone wild

Today I'm linking up with Bloggy Moms for the April 3 prompt on shopping.

The craziest shopping experience I've had was a memorable mall trip when I was fourteen, during which:

  • my best friend burst out laughing while we were in the middle of the food court, and when she threw her head forward, poked herself in the eye with her straw
  • my other friend singed off half her eyebrow while showing off the flame height of her cigarette lighter after she took the safety off.  At this point we got kicked out of the food court.
  • another "friend" in the group stole a bunch of earrings by stuffing them into a chip bag, then asking me if I wanted some chips and giving the bag to me.  When she grabbed the bag back outside the store I had no idea why.  This is when I started to think I should really get some new friends.
  • we stopped by the nearest department store and mocked the fat middle-aged women shopping in the lingerie section.  Then we ran backwards up and down the escalators shrieking and giggling.  At this point we got kicked out of the department store.
  • we careened down the mall hallways, chattering and swearing at the top of our little girl voices, then taking turns hipchecking each other into store windows.  At this point we got kicked out of the entire mall, so we danced over to the bus terminal, where I scavenged a quarter from someone to call my parents and tell them I was going to Jen's to study for a test tomorrow.  We then took a bus over to our favourite pool hall to flirt and play a few rounds. 
After we got off the bus on our way home a few hours later, we had a moment of the breathtaking stupidity that only comes with real innocence mixed with insecurity.  We stood on the corner of a main street to see who would stop.  When a car full of guys in their mid-20's (30's?) stopped, we scampered away laughing, oblivious to the chill of danger that had just brushed past us.

(from the movie Thirteen - watch it)
And that was shopping back in the day...take it away, Kia hamsters!


  1. I love that you found a picture of a cup lid with a straw through the eye. That is awesomeness.

    When I was a bit older than you are at this mall, but still young enough to be incredibly stupid without realizing it my friends and I drove out to Santa Cruz (a beach town about a half hour from our home) and cruised around. Met some boys outside of 7 Eleven and picked them up and decided to drive them home with us. Later on our parents all found out and we were grounded for life, but it never once occurred to us that this was a bad idea.

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  4. These pics have made my day! Thanks for sharing them and your stories! I'm following from the Blog Hop. Come visit me back!

    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  5. Well sounds like you girls had a swell time at the mall. I don't think your a true teen girl if you haven't been kicked out of at least some part of the mall.

  6. LOL! I love that cup! Sounds remarkably like my daughter's shopping trips. I'm amazed any of us survive to adulthood ...ISH!

  7. I'm sorry but I am cracking up at the friend poking her eye... and yeah, I might have had very similar days back in the day:)


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