Thursday, May 5, 2011

One more sleep!

One more sleep until I see hubby and baby - hurray!!  I'm in serious withdrawal here. 

Yesterday I went on a comment love spree and completely forgot to post my music challenge songs (OK, maybe I didn't feel like it either).  So here are days 11-13:

Day 11 - a song from your favourite band.  I like a lot of different artists and couldn't pick one, so here's a funny song about boy bands.  It's My Band by D12.

Day 12 - a song from a band you hate.  I don't hate The Crash Test Dummies, but I do hate this Superman song.  No particular reason why.

Day 13 - a song that is a guilty pleasure.  Even though she's a vapid whore and this song is probably auto-tuned to death, I still like Paris Hilton's Stars are Blind.


  1. that babe looks like she's having mommy withdrawl too. soon, so soon!

  2. Every time I see your "lend me some sugar" I think "I am your neighbor!"


    I love that Paris Hilton's booty looks disproportionately large in that video. Makes me feel good in a not-so-kind way ;)

  3. OMG... I love Stars are Blind. In fact, I love that entire album. I really tend to like everything everyone hates. I also really like Heidi Montags cd which reminds me of Paris' cd. Stars are Blond is such a great song. i ahve completely forgotten about it! Thank you for posting it so I can hunt it down again in my missing stacks of cds I need to go through


Lend me some sugar!