Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have fun

Summer resolutions are way more fun than January ones!  Thanks Mama Kat for another great linky:

Mama’s Losin’ It

1)    Fall asleep in the sun
2)    Ziplining
3)    Paint my toenails canary yellow
4)    Take my spin bike outside and have a workout in the grass (wow that sounded dirty...)
5)    Try a different Marble Slab Creamery concoction at least every other week
6)    Go dancing
7)    Take S. to a baby waterpark or fountain
8)    Eurobungy
9)    Run around the backyard in the warm rain
10)  Grow my nails so I don't have to hide them in my friend's wedding pictures     
11)  Have a date day with J. at least once a month during June-September
12)  Go to the CNE
13)  Take S. to a fireworks show
14)  Take S. to the butterfly conservatory
15)  Go to the beach and bury my feet in the sand
16)  Rent a jetski whether my bathing suit fits or not
17)  Stop eating my feelings
18)  De-clutter
19)  Kiss and cuddle S. every day
20)  Make time for my friends no matter how busy I am
21)  Have S. dedicated
22)  Prune my blog hops and communities to only those I really love and feel a connection with
23)  Summer tubing
24)  Have more well-rounded workouts
25)  Play piano
26)  Fill my reading stomach with some hearty books
27)  Pretend my blackberry doesn't exist while I'm on vacation
28)  Update S.'s baby book (*red face*)
29)  Go through my wardrobe again and face the facts about my actual size
30)  Use free weights for my arms more often than once a month
31)  Foster a set of kittens
32)  Get the spare room steam-cleaned
33)  Get the house cleaned
34)  Have a garage sale (preferably on kijiji)
35)  Put all the jewelry and weird clothes I don't wear anymore away for S. to play dress-up with when she's older
36)  Put sleep in my appointment book so I don't feel like a drugged zombie for the entire summer
37)  Buy new running shoes before my ankles crumble into powder underneath me
38)  Have a great 1st birthday BBQ for S.
39)  Stop looking for new entertainment and re-acquaint myself with what I already have
40)  Stop buying the expensive tests
41)  Sing, talk to myself (nicely), do whatever I have to do to distract myself from the fact I'm in traffic when I start feeling apoplectic or panic attack-y
42)  Refrain from nudging other cars off the road just because they are being total assholes and driving below the flow of traffic in the passing lane on a clear sunny day (see #41 above)
43)  Give my credit card number a break from its intense workout over the last year
44)  Smile
45)  Finish baby-proofing the house so S. doesn't keep hearing "no" all the time
46)  Use my whitestrips
47)  Spend a day lazing in bed, watching TV, napping, reading, eating ice cream and doing nothing productive at all.  Unplug the phone.
48)  Seriously look into what it would cost to deal with my nose
49)  Get control of the laundry monster
50)  Soak up every last minute of the happy season!!

What's your summer wish list?


  1. The laundry monster lives at my house too! LOL! Great list!

  2. 50 things is a lot to do in one summer, isn't it?? I almost panicked a little when I finished my list, haha

    I should take note of your 41 & 42, I have such rage/anxiety issues when it comes to driving.

  3. That's quite a list, how long does summer last in your part of the world?

  4. This is great! I love lists!

  5. If you figure out #49, please share! I can't seem to get on top of that mountain!

  6. This is great! I should make a list so I can have at least some organization before the summer flies away far too quickly like it usually does!

  7. Foster a set of kittens!! Oh, I love that one...if only I could talk MY Jeremy into that one :)

    Great list! Good luck with all your goals!

  8. Sooo true, we should make resolutions in the summer. I bet more people would be apt to sticking with them! This is great list. I think my only real one is to just enjoy each long day to the fullest :)

  9. Canary yellow IS a great toenail color.

  10. Wait a second...what does #40 mean?!?!?! Inquiring minds!

  11. THat's a great list I think I'll make one.

  12. But being a drugged zombie is FUN!!!

    And FIFTY things! What?! I think my personal list has only ten goals! Seriously, just looking at your list wears me out!


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