Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flipping the bird

Feeling a little cranky today, so I'm linking up with Fawk you Friday.  Here we go...

Fawk you to:
  • my previous boss who is now my peer but keeps treating me like her minion.  It's been a year and half since I got promoted - get over it!  And there's shit on your nose from keeping it rammed up the CFO's ass.

  • the woman at the gym who stole my two full water bottles while I went pee.  Really?  I have to carry my water bottles into the stall with me now?  Bitch.

  • ice cream.  Why do you have to be so good and make me so fat?

  • the 18 people who haven't RSVPed to my dear friend's bachelorette.  She is an amazing, supportive woman who is incredibly generous and this is how you return her many kind gestures?  Female friendship strikes again.

  • The stupid security firewall at work that keeps quarantining my e-mails because they contain "sensitive financial information, which is a violation of e-mail policy".  I am a fucking FINANCE manager, you morons!  Everything I do involves sensitive financial information.

  • The remote which refuses to change the channel unless I hold it at precisely the right angle.  Yes, I am that lazy.


  • The underwire in my bra that keeps digging into the side of my breast and bruising it every day.  A cup size down would be a very good thing at this point.  I'm trying not to think about the special, giant-boob stores I'll have to go to as soon as I get pregnant again.

God, that was satisfying.  I feel like I should smoke something.


  1. That list sounded like a good purge...hope it worked!!

  2. All those things majorly suck! Hopefully now, you'll have a great weekend.

  3. hah - I hope this got you feeling a bit better.

    People at the gym are so annoying, I don't miss it one bit and I'm not looking forward to having to deal with it again come winter time.

  4. Whew! I feel a little better after that myself. Your previous boss lady, now coworker sounds LOVELY. I have an arch nemesis at work who makes me want to say FAWK YOU, too :)

    Oh, and that bitch at the gym makes me want to kick something. Like a puppy.

  5. LMAO! I especially love your pictures to document each rant! Fabulous!

    I'm bordering into an E cup yeah, it's really nice having to shop at a super expensive store just to find a bra that doesn't look like it belongs to my granny!

    Happy Fawkin Friday babe!

  6. I love your photos! I can't stop laughing!

    Shame on no RSVP's. Really? How rude!


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