Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tired already

Since I've been spending all my time sleeping, it hasn't left much time for blogging.  I'm on vacation this week, but it hasn't been very relaxing despite all the napping.  I'm the matron of honour in a wedding this Monday and have been popping around getting my outfit together and organizing the bachelorette.  Fun but tiring is the theme of this vacation so far, and I'm a little nervous about my stamina for the wedding day itself.

My good friend is East Indian and is marrying a white Australian guy, so they're having two ceremonies in one day - Sikh and Christian.  The Sikh ceremony starts at 9:30AM and the Christian ceremony is at 5:30PM, followed by a reception until at least 11:00PM.  Given S. is usually in bed by 8:00PM, we may well be treated to a loud display of the less attractive aspects of our darling daughter's personality. 

When she gets tired enough, S. emits random piercing shrieks, much like a velociraptor in Jurassic Park, to indicate her batteries are running dangerously low.  If these are ignored, she writhes around in one's lap as if she's having full body dry heaves, interspersed with loud squawks of misery.  I can sympathize. 

There's not much worse than being really tired and not being able to sleep, because you're at a social gathering or work or some other troublesome event.  The extra element of torture for an adult is having to pretend that you're not exhausted, and in this case, not at all embarrassed by the wild animal masquerading as your toddler.  I've already warned J. that he may have to just take her out to the car and let her sleep in her car seat if she gets really fired up. 

Normally we would ask one of our parents to watch S., but with the rehearsal dinner the night before and ceremonies the entire next day and night, it's too much to ask.  Any suggestions on how to manage a 13-month-old in this situation?


  1. My kids just aren't good at weddings. I suppose bring lots of toys, and maybe some snacks if you know they won't like the food at the reception. Maybe also have your husband take her on a car ride, if card rides help her fall asleep. Maybe also have your parents to do just a little bit of babysitting like only the rehearsal dinner, or only one of the ceremonies, or only the reception, if they're willing. Good luck!!!

  2. Oh man - that's tough. I'd say maybe keep a stroller easily available to lay her down in and let her crash in a quiet area then bring her back into the festivities because well, we all know little kids sleep like rocks.

    Good luck!

  3. These things are tough on little ones. I say get a babysitter or wear her out in between the ceremonies and let her sleep through them. If shes a sound sleeper then it won't be a problem. If not prep her now by starting to make noise while she's sleeping so she'll be used to it My grandma would have put whiskey on a binki but I don't recommend that lol Good luck!

  4. I could babysit her during the day on Saturday!

  5. I agree if you can't get a babysitter, a stroller is a great idea to see if you can get her to fall asleep in it! Good luck - that's rough> been there, done that, can totally relate!

  6. We had August at a wedding when he was around that age, maybe a bit younger. Once the dance started, Jason put August on his back in the backpack and danced around with him. He fell right asleep and then we just set him in a quiet(er) corner right in the backpack and let him sleep.

    Best of luck! Hope you get through the day with lots of energy and that Sasha manages OK, too.

  7. My nan apparantly used to slip a little whiskey in my warm milk to help get me off to sleep - unsurprisingly her eldest, my dad suffered addictions all his life, and I like Merlot a bit too much, not to mention Jack Daniels!! ;D

    It did work though? Okay, not a great idea and can you tell I'm not a mum? ;D

    Wow, no wonder you're knackered, Ixy, with all this going on. Just try to keep in mind, there is an end in sight; things NEVER turn out as we imagine; and you child will not be the only child moaning or embarressing their folks! ITs life - if others can't deal with it, then ignore them. It's one day and you will get through it and you might even really enjoy it.

    Good luck to the happy couple - Ah! I so loved my big day.

    Shah. X

  8. No advice because I'm clueless when it comes to kids, but here's some good karma and positive thinking coming your way! Good luck!

  9. Wow that sounds like a very long day! As someone who isn't a parent, it's interesting to hear from a parent's perspective what it's like to be at a big event with a tired child. I've often gotten irritated thinking: don't they realise how their kid is acting! But now I definitely sympathise. I did find your phrase "random piercing shrieks, much like a velociraptor in Jurassic Park" particularly amusing though! :)


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