Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another successful theft

Yay for Sunday Stealing!  Here are the August 20:

1)  What's for breakfast?

Preferably nothing, but I've been known to pop a low-fat yogurt or two.  Or a Sausage McMuffin and a hash brown.  I love "breakfast" food; I just don't like to eat it before noon.

Supposedly this is unhealthy.  All I know is eating a giant meal in the morning has never failed to wake up my excessive appetite for the rest of the day.  My only successful weight loss efforts have not involved 800+ calories of heavy food before I'm fully awake.

2)  Do you read a newspaper daily?

I got a paper route when I was eight and have been reading the newspaper cover to cover ever since.  My parents and I had to have a special interview with the paper's circulation manager to convince them I was responsible enough to handle this.  I was far more conscientious then than I am now.

3)  What do you do when you can't sleep?


4)  Say a word that sums up your mood.

Relaxed and cheerful (a rare state that I'm savouring while it lasts).

5)  Do you remember your dreams?

Yes, and they're pretty whacked.  When I was a child, I used to have such vivid, progressive dreams that I really thought I was going to some other dimension or something at night.  There was one place I used to dream about for years and every time I went there, I had a different adventure.  Like my own personal Narnia.

I've also had episodes of lucid dreaming (ie you know you're dreaming) where I was in a stressful situation (all the teeth in my mouth bloodily falling out one by one) and thought "oh, this isn't real.  I'm dreaming and I just have to wake myself up."  And then I woke up.

6)  Name something from your dream last night.

I gave birth to a worm and accidentally drowned it in hot sauce (see?!).

7)  Name a food that describes you.

Stir-fry.  All kinds of crazy shit, mixed together in one delicious package.

8)  Today you are wearing:

I assume you're talking about outside of the house, since I've already discussed my attire inside the house.  Today to zumba I wore cross-trainers, black socks, workout capris, underwear, 1 underwire bra, 2 sports bras and a tank top.  And yes, I do need three bras to hold those puppies down.

9)  What's in your pockets?

Skin doesn't have pockets.  Well, it does but I'm not going there.

10)  Did you sing in the shower today?

Nope, S. was sleeping and I didn't want to give her nightmares.  Also, I don't shower unless I'm forced to - it's all about the baths for me.

11)  What's the last song you heard?

Rain over Me by Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony.

12)  Looking forward to the holidays?

Christmas is the only real holiday season to me.  I used to love it, but the last few years have been distinctly un-magical.  Here's hoping this year is better.

13)  Where do you want to be this instant?

Right where I am.

14)  What's for lunch?

Homemade egg mcmuffins.  Mmm...

15)  What's something you'd like to do soon?

Eat soft serve ice cream and a roast beef sub, go summer tubing, go on midway rides, do an all-out jump-kicking cardio class, have a giant strawberry daiquiri, go on a starvation diet and get my body back...basically all the stuff you can't do when you're pregnant.  It's going to be a long seven months.

16)  Reading anything now?  What is it?

I always have several books on the go, aided by the fact I have a 600-book personal library in my house (don't laugh; there are worse vices a person can have).

Right now I'm reading The Tommyknockers by Stephen King, Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton, The Wonder Years by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Pearls Sells Out by Stephan Pastis, and a large stack of Cosmo, Glamour, Marie Claire, Time, Macleans, Psychology Today, Fit Pregnancy, People, Us Weekly and other magazines.  You can't walk anywhere in my house without tripping over some kind of reading material.  The only genre I don't read is westerns.

now this is a cool chair!

17)  What's for dinner?

Holy food obsession.  Pasta mixed with veggies and pork cutlets.

18)  A favourite part of the day is:

I've been a night owl since I was born.  I love when it's 12:30AM and I don't have to go anywhere the next day, and J. will be getting up with S. when she wakes at the ungodly hour of 4:00AM.  The world is all dark and quiet, except for the crickets in the moonlit marsh behind our house.  I can hear myself think.

19)  Are you happy?

Beyond my wildest dreams.

20)  Guess how many people will do Sunday Stealing this weekend.

20 seems like a good theme to go with.


  1. Yo yo! Stopping by from Comment Love Sunday! :) Love the Sunday Stealing memes though I usually try hard to stay away from Blogger on the weekends. It clearly isn't working! ;) Loved your Fawk You Friday post. What true and difficult words. I can understand your plight. Have a great weekend!

  2. Haha, you made me laugh with the answer about dreaming! It must be a girl thing. Every guy I know doesn't remember dreams, but I remember them and they're so vivid! I also have dreams where I know I'm dreaming and I can control what's going on. That's so crazy!

  3. Must say your first picture has made me so hungry I can barely stand it! And I will end by answering your question..Are you happy?.. yes, extremely! Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing some comment love! Have a great comment Sunday and now ...go get that sewing machine! LOL


  4. You DO have a crazy dreams! Birth to a worm, and drowning it?! What! I wish I had more lucid dreams. I'd like to be more conscious while I'm dreaming so I could remember more about what happened in my sleep.

    It made me smile to read that you are happy "beyond your wildest dreams". You certainly deserve to be.

  5. your skin pockets comment was really funny.

  6. Just stopping by to say Happy Comment Love Day! And to say that I want that chair. Though it doesn't look all that comfy, but quite handy and very cool. You'll have to let me know what you think about Hit List. I gave up on Laurell K. Hamilton awhile ago...never caught up on the Anita Blake series. Maybe I'll go back to it soon...

  7. I know lowads of people who can't face breakfst but I'm not one of them. When I wake up I've been asleep for eight hours and haven't had anything to eat. I could eat before I get out of bed.

  8. Stir Fry. Thanks for writing that out.. Now I want stir fry. grrrr lol
    So I laughed at your comment about Phil yesterday. That guy is a trip.. I really got lucky there. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you stopping drowning your worm in hot sauce.. That sounds uncomfortable for the worm. Oh and If I don't eat breakfast early I'm miserable the rest of the day. However I like breakfast food anytime.. mmmm

  9. The Tommyknockers is really good, hope you enjoy it.

  10. I love that you read the newspaper everyday! I get it on Sundays, and I try to read as much as I can, but it's definitely not cover to cover :/

    Visiting from FTLOB. Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday!


  11. I love your answer to "are you happy?" And I have to say, I think I fixated a little too abnormally long on the amount of bras you wear. I'm jealous.

  12. Reading your site for the first time tonight. I think this post was great. When I started reading about the dreams it took me back to the days where I used to have some very lucid dreams myself!

  13. This post just made me so hungry for breakfast foods.

  14. I love breakfast food, there's nothing better than a giant breakfast of meat, eggs and carbs,

    And it's even better if it's all thrown on a sandwich with cheese.


  15. Love your answer to what food you would be.

    I suspect Christmas will become more magical again very soon - once Sasha starts to get it. Christmas with your own kids is almost better than Christmas when you were a kid yourself.

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