Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five alive

A clear luminous brown pool Rina is in.  She is trying to see if there is something deeper, hidden under the depths of an iris.  Pulling back slowly, the pool doubles, separates, turns into eyes.  It's a shock to Rina, seeing her whole face again; she had been submerged for hours, it seems.  Rina pushes out her lower lip and exhales.  Her bangs flutter up, then slowly settle back into place, forming a straight unyielding line across her forehead.

Backing away from her cold other self, Rina pirouettes, watches her dress swing out.  A princess is Rina in the dress, a vision of pink perfection.  She looks for a tiara.  On Rina’s shiny red jewelry box there perches a ballerina in a tutu like Rina’s and when Rina twists the knob of the side of the box, the ballerina turns like magic.

Under the ballerina's flying legs, Rina finds tiny earrings and a necklace flashing tiny rainbows against the pink satin lining of the jewelry box.  Rina reaches for her regal accessories and when everything is in place, slicks on smooth strawberry lip gloss. 

Stretching out thin twigs of arms, Rina twirls in front of her mirror, auburn hair caressing her face.  She laughs, spinning in her last dance, the breeze sweeping away time until she's five again and the shrunken charred world is a soft green vista glowing before her.

Another week, another Indie Ink challenge.  My prompt this week from Michael, who challenged me with "tell me about a five-year-old."  I challenged Dee with "serenity now, insanity later."


  1. This is fun. Well written too. Having seen my little girl do these things I can picture it perfectly. It's hard to imagine that little princess coming to me yesterday and telling me she has an app with the MARINE recruiter. God help me.

  2. Oh what a great write. And the it was so cute and fun, Ixy. Shah. X

  3. Ok, so they only way I can describe this is "lush." Your imagery is so warm and inviting. I just want to sink against that mirror and watch the little girl dance!

  4. Great imagery of a 5 year old doing little girl things!

  5. Awww I could totally picture the whole thing. I loved it!


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