Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mirror, mirror

Their smiles are hesitant, tucked in to hide the glint of braces behind pale lips.  Unadorned hands nervously smooth frizzy hair in futile motions.  Suzy doesn't waste a lot of time getting them to pose just right, because really, what's the point?  She saves her efforts for the dimpled, glossy girls who laugh in line and strut up to the little black seat, perching on the edge with coy flips of shiny tresses. 

"They'll buy bigger packages anyway," says Suzy.  "We have 1,000 students to get through here.  Might as well focus on the ones who're actually gonna buy the pictures!"  She laughs loudly, revealing wide gums above large, crooked teeth.  I wonder which size of photo package her family bought when she was in school.

Flipping through the final shots later, I load up my retouching software and go to work.  Widening an arm here, adding a hint of a double chin there.  Whitening a shy smile just a little, tweaking the tip of a prominent nose and gently providing a suggestion of cheekbones in a round face.  Subtlety is the key and I'm good at it. 

Sometimes I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing when we're delivering the packages and the smug looks slowly fade into confusion, while weary eyes light up with hope.  But they never object.  After all, the camera doesn't lie.

This is my 100th post!!  Woot woot!  I wrote it for this week's Indie Ink challenge.  Amy at 3 to 9 Travels prompted me with "I am its secret," and I prompted Michael at Innocents and Accidents, Hints and Allegations with "The apex of happiness."


  1. Congrat's on your 100th post.

    Love this! To me, your last paragraph sums up the story perfectly. Makes you wonder, eh? Well done.

  2. I loved this for a couple of reasons.
    1. I absolutely hate having my picture taken and dread seeing the final results.
    2. My daughter recently had her senior portrait taken. In about a week, we have to go to the "review" session in which we compare side by side, two at a time, 150 pictures. My plan is to tell the studio that we really only have 10 minutes because we have an urgent appointment. Think it'll work (and can you retouch my photos)?
    Coming over from II.

  3. Loved this!!! A perfect kind of revenge on those perfect beauties who I never lived up to in high school. And congrats on your 100th post!!!

  4. Oh love love love this! I always hated getting my pics took and loath the results! On my wedding day was the hardest - way too much camera time. Never heard of this link you used before - went to see it and it felt a little too drill Sergent for me, so I'll give it a miss. Although, their blog and what they do sounds superb. Maybe I'll work up to it. ;D Have a great weekend Ixy .Shah .X

  5. Congrats on number 100!
    What I would have done to have had that editing software for quite a few high school classmates!
    Love it!

  6. If you really do that good for you. I always feel bad for the girls that are not the preppy prissy girls. They get picked on so much and this would definitely make their day. I like this post. Well done.

  7. Great post, tugged at my sense of right and wrong a little. You know its good writing if you feel it, not just read it.

  8. cool story Ixy,I hadn't seen this until now. Congrats on the 100th post!

  9. Ha ha - now that is a good bit of poetic justice, even if it's only in flash fiction form.


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