Monday, September 5, 2011

Moody Monday

I'm too cranky to post but I'm doing it anyway (you're welcome).  I really hope these pregnancy complications resolve themselves happily in the next month, because the combination of worrying about the baby and being banned from both exercise and sex is making for one bitchy mama.

In a desperate attempt to resurrect my mood without access to endorphins of any kind, I'm going to make a random happy list:

  • S. climbing onto our coffee table, standing up and dancing, before I pulled her down for her own safety (she'd better enjoy it now, because table dancing is only funny at 14 months.  14 years and I'm locking her in her bedroom)
  • Being given new responsibility for an interesting and complicated area at work
  • I've gained half the weight I had by this point in my last pregnancy.  Now I just have to keep this going despite being banned from exercising in the midst of rabid hunger (honestly, a touch of nausea would come in handy).
  • J. not having to work on Saturday, which meant I could take a badly needed 4-hour nap while he kept S. off the living room table
  • A relaxing and soul-soothing girls night with my childhood friends
  • Taking S. to her first waterpark playdate - she loved it!
  • Finally getting the ultrasound report from my doctor so I have the information I need to educate myself and advocate for my own care
  • Laughing my ass off at the Situation knocking himself out by ramming into a concrete wall.  I love Jersey Shore.
  • Deciding which book in my personal library to read next, like picking the right truffle out of a box of chocolates
  • The temperature dropping enough at night that we can open the windows, and I can fall asleep listening to the crickets in the marsh instead of the air conditioner
  • Finding my favourite sweet'n'salty Indiana popcorn on sale
  • Having a great date day with J. at the CNE (I'll go on the midway rides next year).  $15 for sand-sculpting, an acrobatics and figure skating show, rock-balancing and all kinds of interesting exhibits is a pretty cheap day.  Although the parking was more expensive than admission!  Big cities suck.

Sometimes the small stuff is the best stuff.


  1. Ohh I had the chastity thing with my middle one IT SUCKS, especially since I was the horniest pregnant woman walking.. my husband nearly had a heart attack when the doc told him. Hoping it gets better soon for you hun.

  2. haha your picture made me laugh. Did the doctor ban you from working out and sex? I've always heard the other way around how doctors push it on you to do both of those. Mine did. But you know, it depends on whats going on. Anyway, I hope you start feeling a bit better. Not so cranky and stuff :(

  3. funny how for you, sex & exercise being forbidden is torture. for me, that would be vacation!

  4. So often we overlook the small things, but it's those small things (and the act of cherishing them) that can make the biggest difference in our lives. Way to indulge in these priceless moments.

    ...Love your illustration, by the way :0)

  5. The small stuff is always the best stuff. Sorry you are on restrictions too. It sucks big time. Sending you a big hug.

  6. I was going to say what Sherilin Said!

  7. Ixy! I am so sorry you are cranky, but so excited you are expecting!!! I have been remiss in my blog reading of late, and totally missed that announcement!!! Congratulations, and I am hoping this post finds you feeling better! Oh, and by the way, thank you for never failing to make me smile. :-)

  8. "Deciding which book in my personal library to read next, like picking the right truffle out of a box of chocolates"

    Absolute perfect description. I love it. Hope things get better soon.

  9. Hang in there! I can't imagine how you must feel at this point in time.

  10. Sorry about the restrictions, but glad you could make a list of good things and smile a bit.

    I love your self-portrait by the way!

    Hang in there, buddy!


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