Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dirty girl

I was at the grocery store yesterday and the woman in front of me had a bunch of produce in her shopping cart.  Unwrapped.  Just a head of lettuce kicking around the bottom of the cart, and some romaine leaves in the front section where a toddler might sit.  Is it just me, or is this really, really gross?

It reminds me of what happened to an acquaintance of mine recently.  She walked into a Wal-Mart bathroom and discovered someone who was peeing in one of the stalls had PUT HER SMALL BABY ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR by her feet.  On the baby's tummy!  Not on a coat.  Not on a blanket.  Right on the WAL-MART PUBLIC BATHROOM FLOOR!!! 

Where the hell is Family and Children's Services when you need them?  Someone who thinks this is OK has such poor judgment that they seriously need to be investigated.  Where does this poor baby sleep?  In the cat's litterbox?  I don't care how badly I had to pee, I would never ever have put S. face down on a public bathroom floor. 

Worst case, I'd have peed holding her in my arms.  And I'm not some crazy germophobe either - when I found S. munching on a cat hair dust bunny in the living room, I took it away from her (obviously) but wasn't too concerned.  I figured it was good for the development of her immune system.

My co-workers and I were talking about child cleanliness recently.  One guy mentioned they bathe their 4 and 7 year old every day and often twice a day.  We thought that was unnecessary and the consensus for babies and toddlers was a bath 3-4 times a week was good enough.  More often if your child (like mine) feels dinner also makes an excellent hair product or is given to epic poo explosions. 

Many people will find this gross, but I see no need to bathe every day either.  I usually do because I work out a lot and sweat like a pig while doing it, so a nice post-workout bubble bath is mandatory in my mind.  But if I don't get to the gym, haven't had a good marital workout and we're not in a heat wave...why bother?  Seriously.  I work in an office so how dirty can I really be?  I don't get it. 

And just cuz I've lost 6.5 pounds in the last 2 weeks and have a glimmer of hope that I may someday see my old body in the mirror, here's a shout out to dirtier, sexier, pre-baby times.  I miss that skanky chick.


  1. when brooke was an older baby/toddler, i used to bathe her daily because it helped her sleep well, but since then i haven't bothered with the washing daily. i think 2-3 showers a week when she hasn't done anything dirty or sweaty is fine. but my stupid hair needs washing every day even if the rest of me doesn't.
    i agree that putting a baby on her belly on a public bathroon is atrocious. hold her in your arms & put your bag on the floor if something's got to go on the ground. makes me want to rescue that kid & rub her down with antibacterial gel.

  2. Thank you so much for joining in with the comment campaign. It's great to see someone hop on board so quickly.

    I think putting the food *unwrapped* in the cart is rather gross. I would never do that and then expect my dog to eat it. As for the baby, I dislike parents like that. I know that I came across mothers like this. I have even been tempted to call Child Services. The situation was breath taking, literally.

    This house I walked into (and will never go in again) literally took my breath away because of the dog urine in the carpets. The carpets were black and I can't even tell you what the orginal color of the carpet was. We went there for a summer birthday party which was held outside. My daughter had to use the restroom. As soon as I saw this I picked her up and left. She used the local gas stations restroom before going home.

  3. Well, hopefully the produce would be washed before eaten, weather wrapped or not. All sorts of nasty stuff is on grocery store produce before it ever makes it into a cart.

    In winter when my kids aren't playing outside, and now that they're old enough to be out of diapers and know how to eat tidily, they only bathe or shower once a week. In the summer when it's hot and they're outside all day, they bathe more often, of course.

    I don't generally tell people how often I shower because they would be appalled. But I have very dry skin and hair and showering only makes it worse, especially in the winter.

  4. Ak!! There should have been a warning at the top of this post!! "Do Not Read While Eating!!" Blek!! That is SO wrong!! I mean, you had my stomach turning at the produce thing but then I read on to the baby thing and well... no lunch for me!! Hey, your blog might just become the next dieting fad!!

  5. Oh man, I'm not a germaphobe either but come on- these seem like basic things! My kids bathe every other day in the winter otherwise their skin dries out too much since it's so cold and dry here. But in the summer? They bathe every day because they are sweaty and filthy. And for me? I'm an every other day. Usually. Unless I just feel like being in the shower (which I do.. I'm a pisces, what can I say?) but I only wash my hair every other day. Otherwise I become the victim of white girl afro.

  6. Oh gross about the baby on the bathroom floor. My kids bath or shower about three times a week. I think that good enough also unless, like you said, the mac'n'cheese is now supporting an mohawk! LOL

  7. Eeeeww! Who on EARTH would think it's okay to put a baby on a bathroom floor?? I don't let my child TOUCH anything in a public restroom. Gross.

    That said, we don't bathe every day, either. It's all about the happy medium :)

  8. Walmart seems to attract some horrible, minging people. Yourself excepted, of course.

  9. the things you see at wal-mart -- someone could write a book about it!

    love your blog!
    thanks for playing along in my *no more muffin top blog hop* -- you rock!!!
    misadventures of a chunky goddess

  10. I threw up a little thinking about that baby on the bathroom floor....ugh

  11. Oh that is just sick and wrong! What the heck is wrong with people? I'm with you. I would have held my kids before putting them on the floor. Nasty! I had no idea Walmart had made it's way up to Canada. lol
    Congrats on your weight lose girl! That is a big deal!

  12. I one time witnessed a young boy crawl, army-style, underneath the stall door of the ladies' room. Belly down, face down, hands and legs down, slithering like a snake, on a PUBLIC RESTROOM !$%&*$#& FLOOR. He and his mother also left without washing their hands, surprise surprise. Some people.


  13. EW! Who does that?! My son does NOT touch anything in a public restroom!

    My son bathes with me daily but that is jsut because I dont know what to do with him while I am taking a shower :D


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