Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun with food

I've been checking my traffic sources lately to see if the excessive boob traffic has gone down yet (nope!).  But the following search terms were so funny I had to share them.

1)  "Elephant bookmobile"

I'd love to post a picture with this, but I'm pretty sure most bookmobiles don't allow elephants inside.  Those extra tons would put a damper on the whole mobility side of things.  What I want to know is why on earth anyone would be looking for an elephant bookmobile in the first place.

2)  "Minion Friday"

I'm afraid every day is minion day for my fellow Dilbert-ers.  Although usually Friday is one of the better days of the week for the corporate slaves of the world.

3)  "Apple pie - you're doing it wrong"

This one made me laugh out loud.  You can eat it, you can practise with it - I don't think there's any way to do an apple pie wrong.

4)  "Pumpkin thong pulled aside"

Hey, whatever floats your boat.  As long as we're all consenting adults, what you do with your gourds is up to you (see #3 above).

And on that note...Happy Halloween everyone!


I must thank (I think) TriGirl for showing me where the pumpkin thong search term came from: shield your eyes, boys and girls, 'cause this is bad:


  1. That apple pie one made me laugh too!

    Oh and I totally know what #4 is:

    Is it wrong that I know that??

  2. This is hysterical! You should link up next week for the sat laughs.

  3. I love elephants and books, so an elephant bookmobile is right up my alley. Sign me up!

  4. Hey girl. Sorry I haven't been over. Been so sick with the flue I can barely stand it. Figured you wouldn't want to be blogger contaminated lol.
    Who puts a thong on a pumpkin? Seriously this cracked me up. Not an attractive view but funny. I hope you had a great Halloween lady.

  5. I think the elephant should PULL the bookmobile! And it's bad that I knew what the pumpkin thong thing was, before the update, right? Very bad.

  6. Who looks at the bottom of a pumpkin and thinks up THAT? Yes.....I laughed. But I don't think I could submit it in my office pumpkin carving competition.

  7. Come for the boob traffic, stay for the apple pie, run from pumpkin anus.
    @Monkey Man: Probably someone like me.

  8. This is so hilarious! Hahaha!

    Thank you so much for your comment!
    I'm now following you in GFC and would love
    a follow back darling!

  9. Love the pics! LMAO Caught the No Muffin Top hop here and am subscribing. Love what I've read so far!


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