Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thanks for the ride

They didn't even notice her slip away.  Fanning out to gather the widest sample possible, the team headed toward the upended obelisk looming in the distance, retention capsules open and ready.  She held back and edged further and further to the left, until it was a quick side step into the tangled vegetation, which swallowed her whole.  Coughing as the plant disgustedly spit her into a clearing in the jungle interior, she wiped the pastry-scented slime from her face, curbing the impulse to lick her lips. 

Poison bark skittered up her arm, leaving beautiful, oozing tracings etched in the flesh.  She flailed wildly, whipping the hissing fungus away.  Stop.  Breathe.  And there were the packs, nestled in a soft hollow of feathers right where they'd left them.  She hopped in excitement; everything was coming together perfectly!  Yanking the tags off the closest pack, she quickly rifled through the meal capsules to be sure nothing was missing.  No point in stealing a pack that wasn't full.

Satisfied with her inspection, she dragged each pack across the grooved rubbery ground and pushed it up the sled ramp, panting as she shoved it into place.  The quioroc flicked a tentacle at the packs and stomped a paddled foot impatiently.  She growled at it and pinched its thin skin with a vicious twist, laughing as it squeaked and shrank away from her.  Arranging the packs in the middle of the sled, she paused to survey her treasures and then blinked at the quioroc to take off.

In the incandescent halo of the collapsing sun their tiny waving forms seemed unreal.  The wide eyes and screaming mouths like characters in a play, with the tilting planet a stage.  She flicked the thrusters to full power, smiling slightly as she imagined their initial shock blazing to panic.  What would she say to them if she could?  She thought of all the smirks and insults over the years on the shuttle, the long lonely days and nights.  Releasing the thrusters, she shook her head.  Nothing to say at the end of it all, except the shuttle like a middle finger raising to the sky.

The shuttle pushed the foreign ground away, her teammates blurring into nothingness as she rolled her eyes up to the strange green sky and her new life. 

* * * * *

For the Indie Ink writing challenge this week, Kurt challenged me with "The things that I wish I had said to her/him/you/them" and I challenged FlamingNyx with "The best psychopath in the group."


  1. I like that imagery: "Nothing to say at the end of it all, except the shuttle like a middle finger raising to the sky." Sometimes actions really do say everything.

  2. Sometimes I shuttle my finger at the sky too...

    Great post! I would like to see more of these!!

  3. So, on the forum you made it sound like this piece was really rough and rushed. But really, you killed this one, Ixy! I loved it. :)


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