Sunday, November 27, 2011

Princess of Power

 My first cartoon-related memory is really not age appropriate.  We didn't have a TV until I was 14 - my parents didn't believe in them and I kind of think they were right.  I love watching TV now, but I feel progressively stupider every year and I'm pretty sure a constant stream of The Real Housewives of Slutville isn't helping any.  But I digress.

When I was in elementary school, boxes of hand-me-down clothing regularly arrived from my cousins.  I was in second grade when a box arrived with a truly spectacular article of clothing.  The next day at school, I put the message out for all the boys in my class to meet me in the coat closet, because I had something to show them. 

And this was how my teacher ended up opening the coat closet door to find me standing on a chair, holding up my jumper to display my amazing new Wonder Woman underwear to a crowd of awe-struck 7-year old boys.  My parents must be relieved that I became an accountant, not a stripper.

With that auspicious start, let's move on to my top 5 favourite cartoons for a Listography from Kate at Kate Takes 5 - the linky's here if you want to play too.

1)  Thundercats

Can I just say how much I still love this logo?  My two favourite colours, crisp clean lines, and a feline's all good. 

Thundercats was all about She-Ra for me.  My little control freak heart thrilled at the idea of being a Princess of Power, red cape and all.

2)  Popples

I don't think I saw the Popples show more than once, but it made an impression and my Popple was one of my favourite toys for years.

3)  Rainbow Brite

Cuz she's just so cute!  And that horse is magnificent.

4)  Inspector Gadget

I still remember the day I realized that Penny was the one who actually solved all the cases.  It just wasn't the same after that.  I felt sorry for Penny having to put up with such a moron, and it took the fun out of the show for me.

5)  Smurfs

La la la la la la, la la la la la....the best cartoon ever!


  1. Oooh, I LOVED my Wonder Woman underoos!! I actually think you can buy the grown up version these days (why not, the internet surely has them).

  2. Oh I loved Rainbow Brite. I grew up and Germany and she was called Regina Rainbow there :)

  3. Great list! Inspector Gadget made my list too. Liking your other choices as well

  4. Roaring with laughter!! You little tease!!

  5. i had wonderwoman underoos too & i loved them! i suspect my parents had to take them away because i was no doubt flashing them all too often.

  6. Ahahahahaha another great list. Oh wow, it's amazing to be brought back down memory lane with all these cartoons and know that I wasn't the only one mad about them ^_^

  7. Do you know what, I don't think I've seen any of those?! ;)

  8. I'm pretty sure I remember those underwear!

  9. Brilliant list! I loved Rainbow Brite. But weren't the Popples called Wuzzles? Am confused...!

  10. Awesome list! Rainbow Brite was the best. My best friend had a Rainbow Brite bedroom - bedspread, curtains, wall paper, everything Rainbow Brite. Cooles. Bedroom. Ever!

  11. My cousin had a Popple and I was extremely jealous. But apparently I have the Rainbow Brite horse still, which is in my toddler's toy box! I watched everything on this list. YES to them all.

  12. My favorite cartoon as a kid was Bugs Bunny. But, when I became a teenager, I was mesmerized by Wonder Woman's breasts. So........

  13. I can only related to the 4th one. I loved that show even if he was a complete idiot. :P

  14. Use to love Thundercats and Inspector Gadget but don't recognise your other 3! Love the story of the underwear!


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