Monday, November 21, 2011

These boots were made for tripping

The best thing about on-line shopping isn't the thrill of risking identity theft or finding some discontinued item you'd thought was gone forever.  It's the transformation of checking the mail.  Gone are the days of trudging mournfully to the mailbox, knowing that nothing but demands for your hard-earned money await.  Now you never know if a present will be waiting for you, sitting happily on top of all those annoying envelopes.

Especially if you buy something from another country, there can be a delay of several weeks between when you whip out your credit card and when the stuff shows up.  This is good because it takes away all the spending guilt.  By the time your purchases arrive, it feels like you didn't even buy them and some wonderful shopping fairy just came and put them in your mailbox to make you smile.

Last week I was excited to discover a large box on our front porch.  My favourite dark red boots had been scuffed beyond repair, and I had been searching fruitlessly for a year for knee high boots that were a polite enough shade of red that my office mates wouldn't mistake me for a prostitute.  When I found these on ebay, I snapped them up right away:

And they were finally here!  J. brought the box inside and I promptly tried them on.  They fit perfectly and I paraded up and down the living room to J.'s great enjoyment (possibly because I wasn't wearing anything except the boots).  I could hardly wait to wear them outside with a proper outfit.

On Saturday, S. was invited to a birthday party at a butterfly conservatory and I decided this was just the right occasion for my beautiful new boots.  After 10 minutes of wrestling my skinny jeans into the boots, I was ready to go.  When we got to the butterfly conservatory, I grabbed S.'s diaper bag, took her out of her car seat and headed toward the entrance.

Three steps away from the car, I tripped.  I couldn't see my feet because of everything I was carrying, so I just thought I had been my normal clumsy self.  But when I tried to keep going, I tripped again and could feel there was something wrong with my foot.  I put S. and the bags down and was met with the following horrifying sight:

The entire sole of the damn boot had come off.  For a moment I stood in the parking lot wondering why fate was so determined to stop me from ever feeling attractive again.  Then I took the boots off, threw them in the car and went on with the day.  From the butterfly conservatory to the lunch party at McDonald's, S. had a great time, and so did I.  In my socks.


  1. that sucks big meaty balls! you went from feeling all foxy fly to walking around in your socks in public. poor ixy! no chance of a money back return is there?

  2. Oh how awful! I would be so upset about the boots. :( Kudos chica though, for going on with the events in your sox!

  3. Hope it wasn't wet out! That's absolutely gutting, can you get them mended or send them back? I love fun stuff in the post. :)

  4. Crap, that freaking bites! Can you return them?

  5. You're awesome for soldiering on in your socks. Sorry about the boots.

  6. what a great attitude! Rocking it out in your socks!!


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