Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wishing for an Australian angel

After months of searching for a memorial box for our twin angel babies, I've finally found one that's just right.

Unfortunately, the only place that sells this box is in Australia, and they won't ship to Canada.  I asked them for their manufacturer or wholesaler so I could try to buy it directly, but they haven't replied.

So I'm asking my bloggy friends if you know anywhere else that sells this box.  It's called "Angel Kisses" and is made in Italy.  The alternative would be to find someone in Australia who would be willing to buy this box and then ship it to me in Canada and I'll fully reimburse you through Paypal. 

But I know that's a lot to ask, since you don't know me and whether or not I'm trustworthy.  Still, if there are any Australian angels out there, I'd love to hear from you.

*Update*  I just found another urn that would be perfect (actually better because it's for twins, which I had pretty much given up on) and this one's in the States...but again they don't ship to Canada!  I'm getting so frustrated.  Maybe I should buy one of those $1 U.S. houses online just to get a shipping address. 

Here's the U.S. one (called "Twins in Wings") - anyone know where I can find something like this in Canada?


  1. Where did you find the one in the US? Email me ( I can probably order it for you and ship it to you. Let me know.

  2. I was going to offer the same as Kari.


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