Wednesday, December 7, 2011

But guilt implies you did something wrong

I'm going to do my Reverb11 catch-up for today in reverse order, just to be wild.  Also because I don't want to dwell on the last one and would rather keep this light.

Day 5 - 5 guilty pleasures

I'm not ashamed of most of my pleasures - I know I'm smart and classy even if some of my leisure activities suggest otherwise.  Let's just say if "Pop culture 1990s-2000s" came up on Jeopardy, I'd be in decent shape.  So I've tried to pick out things that really are somewhat embarrassing.

1 & 2)  Oh, my sweet Westley!

I have a streak of melodramatic romanticism that goes unfulfilled in real life, due to my very normal and non-neurotic husband who I've been with for 17 years.  While I don't actually want to have a volatile, slightly psychotic relationship with a "true love" I barely know, I do enjoy listening to sappy love songs about one.  Ditto for reading about lovers who always get a happy ending, no matter how improbable.

Would you like some maple with that syrup?  Here's Can't let go by Mariah Carey and The Power of Love by Celine Dion:

I will say the romance novels have to be well-written (shut up - that's not an oxymoron).  Danielle Steel does not make the cut.  The plot can be cheesy, but the writer has to know how to string a sentence together convincingly and write a sex scene that doesn't make me laugh.  Jo Goodman and Amanda Quick know what they're doing.

3)  My stomach is growling right now

There's nothing like a properly made Caesar salad, warm bread and oil, a medium-well 10 oz striploin with garlic mashed potatoes and tender vegetables, followed up by a Marble Slab Creamery red velvet ice cream cone with marshmallows and chocolate chips.  Calories, shmalories.

4)  What's that sizzling?

You know you shouldn't, and the Mastercard bill is going to hurt, but you look so hot in that outfit, you almost want to take yourself to bed.  And if it looks that good in the dressing room, imagine how fine you'll look away from fluorescent lighting!  Yeah, it's not in the budget, but it can be an explainable variance, right?

5)   I'm afraid I don't feel well today

I work really hard at my job, and my hours are definitely not restricted to 9-5.  And the professions (accounting in my case) don't pay overtime.  So once or twice a year, I wake up in the morning and find I just don't feel well.  And the remedy is to lie in bed all day, watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reading a good book and eating ice cream before experiencing a miraculous recovery in time for my favourite evening aerobics class.

Day 4 - What have you let go of this year and how has it affected you?

I stopped taking my anti-depressant of several years in October.  Overall, it's been a very positive experience.  The fire is back, baby!

Day 3 - A moment in time 

Tell us about one moment in 2011 that you lived that you will never forget.

Realizing my 12-week old angel baby had just dropped into the toilet and searching through the blood to find him or her, and then holding the little sac in my hand knowing he or she was really dead.


  1. Oh darling, it was rainbows and sunshine until that last one and then my heart broke for you in the moment.
    I'm glad that you celebrate your guilty pleasures, I'm of the same frame of mind when it comes to that.

  2. here for the hop... im your newest follower :)

  3. Hi,

    Hoppinh for Write on Edge a little late this weekend! Better late than never.

    My guilty pleasures are junk T.V.

    I am participating in the 12 Days of Creepfest Blog Tour. I will be giving away two of my books and possibly hosting other giveaways. Hop on by Dec. 13-24 for the fun.



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