Monday, December 19, 2011

It's just a prickly shell, y'all

Well, my first day of vacation has been a little different than I was hoping for.  I thought S. had just picked up my cold (which was bad enough), but her daycare called this morning and the poor thing has developed an eye infection.  A sick 18-month old with a puffy, weeping eye is a sad and pitiable creature.  I couldn't get her into the doctor until late today, so I'm just glad she's able to sleep right now.  Poor baby.

But I did stop by the video store and pick up some rentals - Bad Teacher, Friends with Benefits and The Hangover II.  I love raunchy comedies!  I laughed so hard at There's Something about Mary, it was like an ab workout.

I'm still upset about the community thing I wrote about yesterday.  I don't know why this bothers me so much, but I just keep thinking of these people who are so afraid and so badly need encouragement and instead they got this slap in the face and were told to shut up and be positive.  Someone in the group sent me a private message trying to explain how one person had been flooding the board with her fears, and had responded poorly to words of encouragement. 

All I could think was, OK, that person must be terrified.  It may be annoying, but doesn't she need compassion, rather than being told to get off the message board?  Don't know why this is getting to me so much, since I just joined that board and don't know anyone yet.  I guess there's a softie inside this bitch after all.


  1. i find message and/or forum boards bring out a really ugly side of people? bizarro but i have seen some brutal hatred on various ones... it miffs me too -- just no need for it!

  2. You have compassion and expect a certain set of rules of engagement in a community of support, that's not unreasonable in my opinion. Hope your little one feels better soon, nothing worse than sick kids, especially on Christmas!

  3. Sorry but you're not fooling anyone. Anyone who has read your blog for more than 3 posts knows what a loving, caring person you are. The gig is up.

  4. Poor Sasha! Just in time for Christmas. Bless her heart. I'm going to have to read your last post to figure out what this one is about apparently. lol So I'm off.


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