Friday, February 10, 2012

12 weeks

I'm excited tonight - tomorrow is 12 weeks!  Maybe this baby will make it after all.  For the last few weeks I've been throwing up on the way to work.  S. is usually with me, and after I pull over and throw up, she makes charming yarky noises the whole rest of the drive. 

Yesterday I had to stay home from work with S., because my mom was sick and couldn't watch her.  S. took her sippy cup and dumped the water all over the coffee table, then started shrieking with excitement and slapping her hands in the water.  So of course I took her sippy cup away and cleaned up the table. 

When I went over to the kitchen, I heard these noises and looked over...there was S. spitting on the coffee table and then smearing it around with her hands.  The only good thing was that she doesn't really know how to spit, so there wasn't a ton of nastiness there.  But still!

Sigh...shouldn't she be getting more civilized, not less?


  1. Children's ability to entertain themselves never ceases to amaze me. At least there's never a dull moment :-)

    I'll be sending up some prayers for you... for the health of everyone, particularly your Mom, you, and the little one growing inside of you. May all of you be healthy and strong.

  2. Congrats on making it to 12 weeks! Hope the rest of it goes smoothly! :)

  3. Best post I've read this week. Yay Ixy!

  4. i didn't know you were pregnant again! how did i miss that?

  5. 12 weeks is good, and usually the end of the puking.. fingers crossed!

  6. Congratulations! Sending wishes and prayers for a healthy, happy pregnancy. I've also heard that lots of puking is a good sign.

    I'm afraid that the road to civilization for children is a LONNNNNGGG one!

  7. Preggo again?!?! Hooray! I have been a bit absent lately, and was starting to miss your awesomeness. How exciting is it that I check in on you to find this fantastic news? Fingers crossed, prayers being said, and hopes for a beautiful experience this go 'round!

  8. What??? Man I'm doing a piss poor job of keeping up on my reading. Congrats on the pregnancy and happy happy thoughts your way that all will go well.

    I've yet to reach the civilized part of my growing up so good luck with that.

  9. Congrats on 12 weeks. How exciting. Yeah...wish they would get more civilized...less monkey like, but seems my two boys become more apish by the minute.

    Praying for your family. For a great rest of the pregnancy, healthy baby and for delivery and such in the future to go well.

  10. Ohhhh Ixy! I'm doing some much overdue catching-up and have been reading over your posts. Please know that I'm keeping many positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

    As far as being civilized...fuggedaboutit! My kids are grown but there are times my 4 Grandkids act more like adults.

    Hugs, sweet lady!


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