Friday, February 10, 2012

Tastebud terror

I'm not an adventurous eater.  My idea of a perfect meal is caesar salad, medium-well steak with mashed potatoes and veggies, and raspberry and chocolate tartufo.  Despite my aversion to culinary bravery, I've eaten some unusual things over the years:
  • a candied flower - plasticky and hard to chew.  My teeth were confused.
  • frog legs - tasty but not very filling
  • a banana coated in tempura batter and drizzled with chocolate syrup and ice cream.  It was called the Red Rocket and no, that is not what she said.  By far the most revolting thing I've ever ingested.  A coating that normally goes on fish just does not translate well with sugar.
  • a ladybug.  I thought it was a runts candy and chewed it right up, so my tongue got the full ladybug-internal-juices bath.  It was as disgusting as you might expect.
  • a worm.  I was eight, a serious tomboy and a dare was involved.  I don't remember what it tasted like, only the pride of doing it.
  • fried crabmeat.  I like seafood in general and was trying to expand my horizons.  So I bought a tin of crabmeat, dumped a bunch of butter in a pan and tried to fry it.  The smell was so dreadful that I had to carry the pan outside, gagging the whole time.  I suspect there's some other way you're supposed to cook it, but I was too traumatized to give it a second chance.
  • a tamarind.  "It's like a sweet fig," my Indian friend said.  She neglected to mention the part about the fruit being dipped in some kind of unholy jalapeno/cayenne pepper mix.  My mouth still cringes thinking about it.
What kind of strange things have you eaten?


  1. My sister's fiance once ordered lambs brain at a restaurant. I tried a tiny bit out of curiousity - it mostly just tasted like fat. I really don't plan on having it ever again.

  2. When the first season of Survivor was on the bar I was working at had a Survivor party. My boss thought it would be awesome to serve kangaroo skewers. So he got some. Ridiculous, but I swear it really did taste like chicken.

  3. I love frog legs but you are right they are not filling. So you do Sushi? You need to try escargot with butter OMG so damn good. I have had everything from shark meat to piranha soup. All types of game duck, pheasant and yes deer. Hubby and I are extreme foodies and live in a city were we have so many type of cultures it is impossible not to try all the amazing food.

  4. i enjoy some adventurous eating as long as it doesn't involve animal parts. i prefer my food adventures to come from fruits, veg & spices, not guts.

  5. I ate alligator once. But, how was I to know the gator was supposed to be dead?
    True story: When I went to Norway once, I ate whale. I know PETA would kick my butt, but it was either that or the reindeer stew. No way was I going to eat reindeer so close to Christmas.
    Incidentally, I really DID eat alligator tail. And, no kidding, it did taste like chicken. A chicken which could eat you.

  6. I've not eaten anything strange, but I will say this to you. Don't yet give up on fried crabmeat. I'm from Baltimore and around here, we call this crabcakes. Google a recipe for it using Old Bay and Ritz crackers. Try it again and then see if you have better results. I'll bet you will.

  7. Having been raised in France I ate snails. However after the first one I ate the pastry around it and fed the snail to the dog. She liked it. I didn't lol. Sorry it's been a while. Having problems with my eyes again. So sometimes I can read and sometimes I can't. Annoying.

  8. I live in Mississippi and sell food everywhere from swanky places in Jackson and Oxford to Jukes in the Delta...tuna steaks to pigs feet.

    Of course, a lot of the stuff that's eaten is not considered adventurous...just the usual.

  9. Oh gah! The fried crab meat got me. That just sounds sick. Oddest/grossest thing was a chicken heart. I think I would have been okay if I hadn't looked at it. Seeing the little valves did me in.

  10. That banana thing does sound revolting. I've eaten crawfish, which I love...and that's probably about as adventurous as I've ever been with my food.

  11. Hi! I noticed that you are a follower of the Queen's Meme. We haven't seen you in a while. Please join us this week and play the Oh, Baby Meme!

    Peace, Mimi

  12. Hey woman just pooped in to tell you that my first book got released this last week~ I'm so excited. It's already in two top ten list on Amazon! If you get a second check it out. It's called Just Nonesense.
    I don't know if you have to type my name in but just in case my whole name is Melynda Fleury.
    I really miss you girl. Come back soon.


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