Monday, October 1, 2012

Score one for c-sections

It's NaBloWriMo! Aka National Blog Writing Month.  In my usual obsessive style, I've careened from not posting at all for 5 months to posting every day for 31 days straight.  At least that's the plan...I think my last post explains why I stopped posting.  The lack of privacy put a damper on my desire to blog, just like the baby howling hysterically cut short a promising make-out session with J. a few nights ago.  Boo. 

Happily we've managed to properly complete at least a few rounds since A. was born 6 weeks ago.  Unfortunately condoms were involved, since the thought of getting pregnant again right now (or ever) makes me feel like I did after I ate a piece of bread and discovered partway through that the other side was covered in mold.  75 days 'til J. gets the big V!

Oh well.  After a rough pregnancy during which my OB told me J. had to "keep it in the holster," I'm just thankful to be having sex at all.  J. also seemed to enjoy himself, unlike the husband of one of my due date buddies.  Her man charmingly said after 3-weeks-post-baby sex: "I hope it's not going to stay that stretched out."  Niiiice. 

Don't worry dumbass, everything should have tightened back up by the time you get near it again.  Or should I say if?  Thank God I had c-sections.

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  1. "I hope it's not going to stay that stretched out." !!!!!?????@@@@@

    seriously??? if i could keep from killing that man, id be seriously thinking my relationship with him.


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